Acid Attack Survivor Resham Khan Shares No Makeup Pictures And The Secret Behind Her Massive Change

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11:00 am 8 Sep, 2017


We shared the story of the miraculous recovery of acid attack victim Resham Khan on Tuesday. A resident of United Kingdom, she was attacked with acid by a stranger when she was celebrating her 21st birthday with friends. Instead of getting scared or embarrassed for the rest of her life, the brave girl chose to fight and went through a fabulous and surprising journey of recovery. She shared some post-recovery pictures on her Twitter page and received a hearty response from her followers.

Have a look at her tweet below:


While a lot of people sent compliments and good wishes her way, some people wanted to know how and what she did for her recovery. Perhaps there were some more like her out there going through a similar phase hoping for a recovery just like Resham. So she took to her personal blog, which she has been writing for quite some time now.

In her blog, she revealed that she has undergone a massive change since the attack but the photos that she had shared were the ones with full face makeup. She had also used an app to edit the pictures before posting them on her Twitter page. In her blog post, Resham explained that the reality of her pictures is that they are not real and she doesn’t want to pretend to be someone she is not. Here is Resham’s picture with makeup:

Resham’s with-makeup picture


Resham then went on to share her skin care routine which includes the basics of clean open skin, moisturizer, bio oil, washing the face with black soap and exfoliating as best as she can. She also revealed that she has got her eyes fixed through procedures and surgery and hence achieved the look she has now. You can have a look at her no-makeup picture below:

Resham’s picture without makeup Resham.Online


We are sure that her journey must have been a painful and difficult one. The beautiful and brave Resham truly deserves all the compliments and good wishes that Twitterati sent across to her and we wish her the same!