Times When WWE Divas Suffered The Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions!

5:03 pm 21 Oct, 2018


WWE is indeed one of the most popular shows amongst the millennials. The show is famous because of its jaw-dropping content which definitely includes those action-packed matches. I mean, I have been following the show since I was a child. Those strong fights between the wrestlers just keep the crowd going. But despite the immense popularity of the show, there have been times when we have witnessed some of the most accidental embarrassing moments in WWE too. Today we are going to list a few of these embarrassing moments which the WWE female wrestlers have gone through; wardrobe malfunction to be precise.

I am sure, many of you must be remembering these moments, if you are a WWE fan just like me. The most obvious reason behind such malfunctions can be the attire which the WWE Divas are often seen donning in the wrestling ring. I mean think about this, wrestling in those short and attractive outfits can be quite challenging, right?




So, take a look at some of the most accidental embarrassing moments in WWE which the female wrestlers have suffered:

Rosa Mendes



This is one of the most unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions in the history of WWE. It happened during a tag team match between the team of Summer Rae and Layla; and Natalya and Rosa Mendes. While Rosa was entering the ring Layla pulled Rosa’s tights and as a result Rosa’s ass became visible for everyone to see.


AJ Lee



We all saw how AJ and Dolph Ziggler were in the same team against the Natalya and Great Khali. After dealing with Natalya when she was getting up, by accident her top just came up and her black innerwear was visible. Thanks to that innerwear, AJ was saved from a major malfunction.


Brie Bella



In July 2013 when Brie Bella was present at the Miz TV interview segment, something which was definitely unexpected happened. Her left breast just came out of her dress accidently. This was a shocker for many. Brie wasn’t happy with what happened either, and even took to her official twitter handle to apologize about the incident later on.





We all know how Lita and Edge made a lot of headlines due to their not so alleged live sex scene in the WWE. I mean, from them getting into the bed and then stripping, they raised a lot of eyebrows. And we all saw how Lita’s left breast became accidently visible eventually.





During a match at WrestleMania 30, while Cameron was performing a supplex, her top accidently opened up from behind. The diva finished the match as she continued to hold the top over her body. Sounds really awkward, doesn’t it?


So, these were some of the most accidental embarrassing moments in WWE that the female wrestlers had to go through!

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