10 Must Have Accessories To Enhance The Looks And Life Of Your Car

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3:26 pm 22 Oct, 2015


You emptied your swollen pockets to buy the dream car, but as time progressed, your dream car started to resemble your seven-year-old Maruti Van. The reason for this is your lack of concern and the absence of basic accessories that contribute to a car’s shine and performance.

Don’t be upset, you still have time to get that lost glitter back. Just use these 10 accessories.

1. Car cover

A car cover shelters your car from sunlight, rain, bird droppings and dust. It usually comes along with the accessory kit but you are too tired to use it and after a week’s time, it gets locked up in your rusted cupboard.


Even the moderate use of car cover will help you to retain the shine of car’s paint. 

2. A good security system

There are many “Luckys” ( Remember “Oyee lucky lucky Oyee”) waiting to steal your car in a flash of a second. So, if the right security system is not installed, the consequences can be uneconomical.

It is really a profitable option to go for manufacture-fitted immobilizer’s, as they tend to be stronger. But if you opt for an open market, you can rely on companies like Autocop, Nippon and Xenos. Prices for a security system range from Rs.3000 to Rs.5000.

You should also go for car tracking device which locates your car and sends you the co-ordinates on your mobile phone.


3. Air Freshener

Planning a long drive with you girlfriend? But do you think she would sit in that stinky car? To escape this nightmare, look for air fresheners such as Ambi Pur or Airwick that would spread the romantic fragrances all through the drive.


4. Car vacuum cleaner

Yes, there are car specific vacuum cleaners that can be connected to a 12-volt socket to create enough suction to remove the dust out of the car. They cost around Rs.1500 onwards. You can also use the regular vacuum cleaners for the same purpose.


5. Multi Pin Car Charger

Smart phones are not smart enough to charge themselves automatically and with the awful battery life, it is nearly impossible to survive without a charger.


6. Reverse parking sensors

Parking sensors vent a warning when your vehicle is too close to an obstacle, thereby preventing any collisions. Most cars are installed with parking sensors as a standard accessory from the manufacturer, but you can get one fitted via dealers.

The sensors are stationed at the rear bumper of your car, while the LED screen is affixed to the dashboard. Parking sensors cost from Rs.2500 onwards for brands like Blackcat and Torq.


7. Mobile Holder

We Indians are obsessed with multi-tasking. Talking on phone and driving at the same time is a ‘necessity’ for us. Safety is not important to us, but the fear of a traffic police taking away our hard earned money is. So, purchasing a mobile holder can ease your woes of talking on a phone without having to take your eyes off the road.


8. Comfort the neck

A neck cushion pillow is best for your neck during long journeys. It’s cushioning effect will provide a good support. You can easily sit in a relaxing position for hours without pain.


9. Pre-caution

You must have a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, tyre puncture repairing kit, and stepney with you.


10. Seat covers

It’s better to have seat covers to protect your car seats to give you right comfort.