Pakistan-born Abu Dujana, A Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorist, Killed By Forces

5:45 pm 1 Aug, 2017


As per a latest report, top Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Abu Dujana has been killed in a joint anti-terror operation in Pulwama, today. Dujana was listed among the most-wanted in Jammu and Kashmir, for conducting a number of attacks. When security forces fired at the stone pelters, a civilian was killed.

Abu had been found in a house in Hakripora village with his friend Arif Lilhaari. It was when the security forces surrounded the area around 4.30 am. It was entirely an operation based on inputs from intelligence agencies. The presence of terrorists in the village was suspected, the security forces circled the area late, the previous night.

Abu Dujana was shot dead by forces this morning



As per sources, Pakistan-born Dujana had gone to meet his wife. During his frequent Pak visits, the police tracked the pattern and had placed watchers around his house. They then waited quietly for two hours. As they watched forces arriving, terrorists started firing, prompting retaliatory shots. Sources said the forces had to blow up the house, as there was no other way to get them.

A few months back, Dujana was Lashkar’s commander for the Kashmir Valley. He was later demobilized by his group after a breach within the ranks of the terror organisation.

Dujana was a category “A++” terrorist and carried a reward of Rs. 15 lakh. His name was on the list compiled by security forces about wanted terrorists of the LeT, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen. In May, Dujana managed to escape during an encounter with forces, due to interference by mobsters and stone pelters.

Lieutenant General J S Sandhu concluded in a press conference that Abu was not a major terrorist but was more drifted towards it,

He also said that he used to be big trouble for the local women and used to get inside their homes for no reason.