Samajwadi Party Leader Warned That Once Muslims Pick Up Weapons, It’ll Be Difficult To Tackle Them

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6:00 pm 17 Jul, 2017


Samajwadi Party MLA and leader in Maharashtra, Abu Azmi, has threatened violence and said that if Muslim youth pick up weapons, it will be difficult to handle them.

Samajwadi Party MLA Abu Azmi India


The statement came as a dire consequence of attacks on Muslims in the name of cow protection. He said these words while speaking about a Muslim youth being allegedly beaten for carrying beef in Nagpur. Azmi commented,


If the violence on Muslims in the name of cow vigilantism doesn’t stop, then they will also pick up weapons. Then it will be very difficult to handle the country.

Azmi further added that these incidents are on a rise where BJP is in power. He added,

if they are that brave then why don’t they go and fight the terrorists in Amarnath.

Azmi also said that looking at the current situation, he can conclude that lives of cattle are more important than human lives. Muslims are scared to travel by train after an entire train chose to support the killing of Junaid.

Man being beaten up for allegedly carrying beef DNA


Speaking to a popular news channel, Azmi commented,

Every action has a reaction. Muslims are being beaten today. But if their tolerance gives way, then they will also take to weapons and that day it won’t be easy to handle the nation.

He also mentioned an incident when Muslims beat up a cow vigilante while he was alone, he said that such incidents will only rise. His statements have gone viral across social media after some Muslim youth found his remarks and shared them far and wide.



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