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Abram Khan Wears Mismatched Shoes, And Netizens Love His Swag

Published on 22 January, 2019 at 2:57 pm By


Abram Khan is the fifth and the youngest member of the Shah Rukh Khan clan. Given that he is practically Bollywood royalty there is a lot of media attention surrounding him, just like his other two siblings. There was a lot of social media outcry about the fact that Abram was born through surrogacy. But over the years, Abram has won all over with his cuteness. Now everything he does is under the microscopic eye of the media and paparazzi.

Naturally, when young Khan was recently out in town, paparazzi could not resist taking a few shots of him. But the thing that caught the fancy of many on social media was Abram’s dressing sense. And we’ve got to say that the kid is acing the fashion game.




So where was Abram spotted? Well, the star kid recently accompanied his mother to a designer clothing store in Bandra. While making an exit from the shopping expedition, the papz caught him and his mom. Both Abram and Gauri were casually dressed. But there was something about Abram’s attire that caught many eyes.

First, here’s the picture of Abram Khan and Gauri Khan:



So what do you think caught the fancy of most in that outfit? Shoes! Yes, it looks like the star kid is a fan of the mismatch shoe trend. Many even loved the t-shirt that Abram was wearing, and could not get over his cuteness.

Check out some of the Insta comments below:


Abram is cute, love.






Abram’s swag is fire



Aww! He’s grown into a cutie pie



Love his style



He’s wearing Balenciaga, cute!



Party animal, LOL!



Well, isn’t it something? The star kid is already being applauded for his swag and casual but on point dressing sense. Wait, it’s not only him. A few months back even his elder brother Aryan was seen flaunting the same trend.

Check it out:




Maybe Abram is taking cues from Big Bro. No? So what do you think of this star kid? And the mismatch shoe trend?

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