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If your blood report says that your hemoglobin has gone down due to lack of Facebook time.
If your BP has gone high due to the Tweets you have missed for the past one week or if your vision has started deteriorating due to the latest posts and photos you could not manage to see on the Instagram.
If you feel like hitting the bed in the ICU, for you didn’t get an update about your favy YouTube star.
Trust me, your condition is critical and it can only be cured by TopYaps.

Who are we?

India’s 1st and only Social Media News website dedicated to you, millennials.
TopYaps is India’s youngest and most original desi social adda for the modern
young. We dig beyond the normal everyday headlines to give young Indians a
fresh take on what’s going in the ever-trending social world.

We are here to help you in knowing about the maximum in minimum clicks. FB, Twitter,Insta, Youtube, Snapchat and much more.. you just name them and we are here to bring you the latest happenings from around. From viral videos to memes, from latest, hottest photo sessions to first looks and teasers on Insta and Youtube – we have it all for you.
Social media updates with a twist, gossips, affairs, break-ups, patch-ups, wardrobe malfunction, the first look, MMS or controversies – the hamper is ready for you.

From movie stars to sports stars, politician or musician, fashion or relation, from Bhadanaas to Gabbanas.
Anything which is trending about stars and celebs with the latest updates. Newly born YouTubers who will be stars soon or the current rockstars who are shining like the moon. The list doesn’t end here. We have everything which you look for on social media pages. Not only social media, we will take care of your internet hunger for anything and everything which every youngster seeks. So, here we are – to revive your ‘social media’
health, with latest and updated content to boost your happiness. Read on!