Abhishek Roasted A Hater Who Trolled Aaradhya And Called Aishwarya An ‘Arrogant Mom’

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12:51 pm 6 Dec, 2017


Thanks to social media, celebrities are just a click away. People post their messages to their favorite stars and get lucky when they get a response from them. But there are some who misuse these platforms by trolling, shaming, and slamming them. Earlier, celebs used to ignore hate comments but now they have learned that staying silent is not an option. There are actors and actresses who have time and again exposed their haters and have given them befitting replies. One such actor is Abhishek Bachchan.


We have seen Abhishek and Aishwarya’s little angel, Aaradhya making a lot of public appearances these days. Remember her dreamlike birthday celebration picture?



Aaradhya was also recently seen celebrating her grandfather Krishnaraj Rai’s birth anniversary with mommy Aishwarya.


And she looked adorable in a red color dress with her mom at a wedding.


So many public appearances by the little one made a woman curious about Aaradhya’s studies and she slammed Abhishek for not giving her a normal childhood.

She even asked if they are planning to raise a beauty without brains. Not just this, but she also referred to Aishwarya as an “arrogant mom”.

Here’s the screenshot of the tweet as the Twitter user has deleted her tweets after her conversation with the star went viral.


Twitter user, Sherien Patadien’s tweet was enough to make a doting father and a wonderful husband to roar. Abhishek took no time in giving a needful reply to the woman. There is no doubt saying that he perfectly roasted her with his reply. Here’s what he posted:

Abhishek gave her the taste of her own medicine. But, this didn’t discourage her from speaking further. She went one explaining her tweet and justified herself claiming that she isn’t from India and hence does not know the procedure of Indian schools.




Abhishek didn’t bother to give a reply to any of her tweets but she soon deleted all her tweets when the actor’s fans started thrashing her on Twitter. Here’s how tweeple reacted:



The cyber world is becoming cruel day by day. What’s the point of trying to bring a celeb down? Do you think the same? Do share your views in the comments section below.