Abhishek’s Handling Of His Hater On Twitter Should Be Critically Acclaimed

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9:56 pm 21 Mar, 2016


We all know that Abhishek Bachchan never really had a lucky run in Bollywood but on Twitter, he is still a champ. He showed his Bunty side to his hater and trolled him like a bad-ass.

A Twitter account named EngiNerd mocked Bachchan Jr. hoping that his Tweet would be ignored and he, instead, would enjoy some attention. But hilariously, it didn’t happen as he had planned.


Initially, Abhishek appreciated his joke and gave a witty reply.


But, his hater is a calculative man.



It’s mind over Maths here.




And finally the nerd exploded with his ‘Drona’ frustration that was building up for so many years.

Well, we think:



And Abhi is like: