Twitterati Can’t Stop Praising Abhishek Bachchan After He Turned Up To Watch India’s Football Match With His Star-Studded Gang

1:45 pm 5 Jun, 2018


The nation was left teary-eyed after a post by Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri. The footballer created a simple video asking the Indians to support and watch football. The heartfelt video drew positive reactions from celebrities and fans alike. The plea from this celebrated football star did ignite the passion even in those who shun Indian football for being sub-standard. Soon after the video, many came up to watch the recent game. Amidst that, the cameras captured Abhishek Bachchan supporting the football team of India.

On June 5, India beat Kenya in the second Intercontinental Cup match. Held at Mumbai, the tickets got sold out and the credit goes to the video by Sunil Chhetri. Here’s the video:



Naturally, the shutterbugs were busy capturing the images of the players and audiences. Thus when someone clicked Abhishek Bachchan supporting football game in full zeal, it instantly captured the attention of the audience. Here’s the tweet:



The picture went viral within minutes as fans started praising this actor for his wholehearted support. Read what they wrote:





A user pointed out that many celebrities showed their support on Twitter but no one actually turned up to watch the game.




Fans also thanked the actor for coming out in support of Indian football team.




However, he was not the only one who was seen at the stadium supporting the team. Ranbir Kapoor also donned blue to cheer up and motivate the team. Here’s an image:


Former Indian football team captain Bhaichung Bhutia and player I.M. Vijayan also came to show their support.



Would you attend the next football match by Indian team?

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