Abhishek Bachchan’s Marriage Confessions Are Setting New Standards For New-Age Husbands

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3:07 pm 22 Apr, 2016


Love is unpredictable, and whom you end up with, is much more unpredictable. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan make one couple whose marriage news was not only unpredictable but never earned much trust from the on-lookers.


But surprise, surprise! 

Aish-Abhi have not only survived nine years of beautiful marriage but have also proved to be one of the strongest couples in the industry. In a recent ‘Vogue’ interview, Abhishek’s confession for his wife has left us spellbound and praying for a man like him.

More than ever before, today we all need a man who is not shy to celebrate our success.

Abhi is defining all things manly in all the right ways.



All we women need is a listening ear and a speaking heart .

A fancy candle night dinner is not bad, but as Abhishek quotes it can very much turn out to be a disaster. ”First of all, the wind keeps putting the candle out. Second, there’s sand in your food so it tastes like crap. I’m here to tell you guys, just don’t do it.”



Some rules are set in heavens. Don’t fret over them, men!

While Abhishek defends all men by telling us how half the time the reason men give in and say sorry is because they’re just so sleepy and want to go to bed, the reasons behind his blissful married life (and happy wife) are these rules.




Marriage isn’t funny, boring or heavy.

Abhi’s words are comforting to this generation reluctant of traditional marriage. The irrational jokes have been made for too long now.


Marriage is really about bringing out the best in each other.

And how flawlessly, these two do that.



Just because she’s your wife, doesn’t mean she’s not the same little princess anymore.

As much as women love being independent, we also love being pampered.

Who’d have expected the most sophisticated actress to go to Disneyland on her honeymoon?



Marriage is not just compromise; in fact, real marriages are anything but that.

When two people really want to be with each other, there’s much more respect to willingly adjust rather than compromise.



Mr. Bachchan sure knows how to be a King to his Queen!