Man Was Jailed For Tweeting About Rasgulla, While Rapists And Murderers Roam Free

6:17 pm 27 Oct, 2018


What do you think can get someone in jail? Thefts, murders, or rapes are few among the many crimes that calls for prolonged jail time. Recently, an analyst was also jailed for 14 days. Do you know why? Because he tweeted something and that also 1-year-back. Abhijit Iyer-Mitra was arrested because the Odisha government found his tweets to be derogatory against the Sun Temple and Odisha culture.

Before giving you details of the deed, let’s read the tweets which got Abhijit Iyer-Mitra in this trouble. The first one is a funny dig at another user who claimed that Rasgulla is a product of Odisha.



For the uninitiated, the neighboring states of West Bengal and Odisha were in a court fight over the origin of this sweet in which the former claimed success. Anyway, one can easily see that the tweet is nothing but a funny take at this ever going fight. The next tweet he posted is of a video from Konark.



The rough translation of the video reads:

“Bhaiyon aur behanon. I am in Odisha’s famous Konark Temple. This is not a temple but a humple where people are humping. See these sculptures… Women with women, men with animals. Can this be a holy place? Not al all. This is a conspiracy against Hindus by Muslims who want to keep us down! I want to only say Jai Sriram! In our new Ram Temple, such obscene sculptures will not be there!”

The English translation fails to capture the true essence of this sarcastic content but it’s amply clear that the video is all about fun. In case you are still wondering, here’s what he tweeted later.


The meaning of light-hearted fun is an alien concept for the Odisha government. Hence, Abhijit Iyer-Mitra was jailed for making ‘anti-Odisha’ remarks. He was arrested after he appeared before a committee of the state assembly to tender his unconditional apology. The arrest was done citing his conversation about the origin of rasgulla.



In a country, where the headlines are always ‘graced’ with stories of rapes, murders and other heinous crimes, the arrest of a person over a year old tweet about the origin of a sweet is nothing but ridiculous. Is this what the law and order have come to? What’s your take on this fiasco?

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