This Bihari Man Has Won Election In Russia From Putin’s Party

11:37 am 15 Jun, 2018


Kursk, located in Western Russia, is a city that witnessed a historical moment that turned the fate of World War II. This is the city where Hitler’s army was defeated in 1943. Also, it’s the site of the largest tank battle ever fought in world’s history. However, this article is not a lesson reminding you of the bygone era. It’s about the present achievement of an Indian, Abhay Kumar Singh.

He is from Patna, Bihar and presently a politician in Russia. To be precise, he is a lawmaker in this city. How? This man won the provincial election from Kursk.



He now holds the position of a deputat which is equivalent to an MLA’s position in India. Let’s take you through the amazing story of his journey from Bihar to Russia’s Kursk.



After completing his education from Loyola High School in Patna, he went to Kursk for higher studies in medicine. After getting his degree, Abhay Kumar Singh returned to India and started his practice in Bihar. However, that failed.




Without seeing any other options, he decided to go back to Kursk and start his own pharmaceutical business. Soon he gained immense success and became an eminent personality among the city’s business community. However, his journey wasn’t without hurdles which he crossed magnificently.



In order to expand his business, he entered the real estate business. This new venture soon established his name beyond the city and in other parts of Russia. Skillfully he started forging a relationship with powerful local personalities. His interest in politics was clear by his active participation in local affairs.

Finally, he became a member of United Russia party that paved his path for becoming a politician. This is the ruling party of Russia to which current President Vladimir Putin belongs.



Abhay Kumar Singh won with an impressive majority. We will certainly keep an eye on this Indian and his political journey in the faraway land.