Senior Lawyer Abha Singh Is The Woman Who Made Salman Khan’s Conviction Possible

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3:13 pm 7 May, 2015


Late, but justice has been delivered. That’s what senior lawyer Abha Singh believes. Salman Khan was sentenced to five years imprisonment in 2002 hit-and-run case on Wednesday. But very few people are aware that Abha Singh has been one of the main crusaders behind the verdict, reports Dainik Bhaskar.

Abha Singh filed a petition alleging that Mumbai police was shielding Salman in 2002 case. She also alleged that the police was purposely delaying investigation in the case.

She said that in other high profile cases, like that of  Alister Pereira, verdict was passed in just one year. Why was verdict delayed in Salman’s case?


In 2012, police had to speed up the investigation in Salman Khan’s case to find missing files. Abha Singh also mentioned in her petition that the police did not interrogate Kamal Khan, who was also there in car with Salman, that day.


When, suddenly, Ashok Singh was presented as the man who was in driver seat the day when the accident happened, Abha Singh was quick to question why Ashok did not realise his mistake for 12 years.


Abha Singh fought and won a case not many in India would have thought would go in favour of the victims.



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