Aayush Sharma Can Do Anything For Saale Saab Salman Khan, Except Participating In Bigg Boss. Know Why

7:57 pm 17 Sep, 2018


Aayush Sharma, who is set to take a plunge into the glitzy world of entertainment with the upcoming film Loveratri, is a huge admirer of his superstar brother-in-law Salman Khan. Not many people know, but it was Khan only who suggested the young lad focus on making a career in films. He took his advice seriously, and now his debut film is just round the corner for theatrical release. Aayush can do anything for his brother-in-law who believed in him and provided a much-needed platform, except for one thing.

Yes, Aayush Sharma is ready to do anything for Saale Saab Salman Khan except entering the glass-walled house of latter’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss. Colors’ offering, which has just launched its 12th season, is one of the top-rated reality shows in the country, but the newcomer has no interest in participating in it.




During the launch of the song Rangtaari from his film Loveratri, when we asked Aayush if he would like to enter the controversial show, he very categorically said:

‘As a contestant, I would never ever like to go to Bigg Boss.’



But what is the reason Aayush Sharma does not want to go to Bigg Boss? After all, it is his brother-in-law’s show that tops TRP charts and is known for making celebs out of commoners. So, when we asked the newcomer what if Salman himself asks him to go inside the controversial house, he replied:

‘I think I cannot live in the house for so many months. Bigg Boss is not meant for me. I can just watch it. I can visit it if given a chance. I can go there to promote my film. But being a part of Bigg Boss is a very serious thing, because all the people who participate in the show go through so much. Every day, there are so many tasks and all. So, it’s a very taxing thing.’




Meanwhile, Aayush Sharma is presently busy promoting Loveratri. Also starring debutante Warina Hussain, the rom-com is scheduled to hit the silver screen on October 5, 2018. It is made under the banner of Salman Khan Films.

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