AAP’s Victory In Delhi Deserves A Poetic Analysis – So Here It Is

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Updated on 30 Aug, 2018 at 6:57 pm



Naaron ki awazen bhari

Dilli kar gayi sabko bhaanp

Ek taraf thi mazbut BJP

Dusri taraf chingari AAP

These elections were more interesting than a cricket match. On the one hand, you had team BJP with experienced players, recent political wins and corporate backing. On the other, you had a guy who resigned from his position in 49 days. But if this election showed us anything, it showed us that Kejriwal has grown a lot – whether it was his handling of the media or his ready responses to BJP’s attacks or his apologies for resigning – he was in it to win it.

Yun to Bedi buri nahi hai

Aur Modi hai BJP ke pass

Par Kejriwal ke peeche lagi hai

Aam aadmi ki bhadti aas

What looked like a shrewd campaign maneuver by BJP actually ended up working against them. By pitting Kiran Bedi against Arvind Kejriwal, they attempted to show division within AAP, but when contrasted, Kejriwal outshone his opponent. AAP also appealed to the masses by promising to work for them. So, even though the corporate sector didn’t want Kejriwal to come to power, the people have voted him in.

Dosti main dararein aayi

Aur rotiyan bel ke hui behal

Samne padne se ghabrai

Toh media se hi kiye sawal

Even though politicians changing parties is common in India, there was a sense of prestige lost when Bedi joined BJP. To top it off, her refusal to meet Kejriwal in a political debate made her look like she was on shaky ground. To be truthful, after Bedi’s campaign against corruption, her working for a party that is also known to be corrupt would have let AAP have field day with her in a public debate.

To kyun chauken, kyun hain hairaan

Ki AAP gayi hai dilli taap?

Ab Dilli pehni Lucknow ki zabaan

Aur bole padi hai, “Pehle AAP!”

What AAP’s victory really shows is that the masses are fed up with corruption, with injustice and with never having their voices/opinions heard. Politics has been a repetitive game of promises made and broken, dynastic rule, and the powerful crushing the powerless. In such a scenario, AAP brings with it a ray of hope. But the road ahead for them will be harder than the election campaign and AAP will need to stay on their toes to deliver what they have promised.