AAP Govt Builds Night Shelters In Delhi To Help 19,000 Homeless People Brave Winters

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1:03 pm 6 Dec, 2015

In an effort to prevent death of any homeless person due to sleeping in open during Delhi’s chilly winters, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government has arranged for night shelters and tent shelters where they can sleep at night.


In total, 198 night shelters and 40 tents have been set up to accommodate around 19,000 people.

Talking about these shelters, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had  said:

“We all need to endeavor so that no one dies while sleeping in the open during winter. In total, 198 night shelters and 40 tents have been set up to accommodate around 19,000 persons. If more people come there will be not be any shortage of space.”

The Delhi CM has also launched an app developed by Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB)  for rescuing homeless people during the cold nights and putting them at night shelters.

A person can download this app called Rain Basera, click pictures of a homeless person who is sleeping out in winter night and then send it to DUSIB, who in turn will rescue and shelter them.

DUSIB with the help of NGOs will operate 20 rescue vans which will be used for bringing homeless people sleeping in open during winter night, to shelter homes.

According to VK Jain,CEO, DUSIB a total of  33,000 blankets, 14,000 durries and 11,500 jute mats have been arranged for the homeless shelter and there are over 27500 blankets that have been kept in stock as well if needed.

Jain also said that these shelters are well maintained and special attention has been paid on its maintenance, he then added:

“Special attention has been paid for maintaining facilities like drinking water and toilets. We will also be ensuring round the clock monitoring of maintenance of the night shelters and rescue work through 20 teams.”

As soon as any photo or information about homeless people is sent it is received by a server at a control room set up in Punarvas Bhawan near ITO.

One can download the DUSIB app by dialling 8826400500.

There would be a total of 20 teams of people who would monitoring and maintaining the app and homeless shelters round the clock and would also be performing rescue work.

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