How Aamir Khan Saved The Life Of Dangal Sound Designer Shajith Koyeri Is Commendable!

2:30 pm 12 Sep, 2018


Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is one of the actors in the industry who believes in giving back to the society. He is also known for his social projects and generosity besides his acting prowess and being called as Mr Perfectionist. No wonder, what he recently did for Dangal‘s sound designer and National Award winner Shajith Koyeri is one of the latest examples which proved that he is always doing his bit for the people.

It is reportedly said that Aamir Khan’s timely intervention helped save the life of Shajith Koyeri. The actor has proved it once again that why he is referred to as one of the most generous superstars in Bollywood.



According to reports, Shajith Koyeri was admitted to Lilavati Hospital with high levels of creatinine on September 4. It is said that on September 6, he suffered a stroke but was left unattended by the doctors. It was then that his family called up Aamir for help. Needless to mention, Aamir had previously worked with Shajith in Dangal (2016).



The Mumbai Mirror revealed that Aamir Khan reached the hospital shortly after midnight and got Koyeri transferred to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Andheri. He made sure the doctors took care of the sound designer. He apparently even called up Mukesh Ambani to make sure that the problems of Koyeri are addressed. On September 8, the doctors from the Ambani hospital have said that Koyeri was stable. Meanwhile, it is claimed that Koyeri had complained of uneasiness a couple of times but nobody paid heed in Lilavati.


However, doctors at Lilavati hospital denied that there was any negligence on their part and rubbished the claims of the family. Quoting Dr Hemant Mehta, consultant nephrologist, Mumbai Mirror reports, “He was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. He also suffered from piles, and had to be given the blood transfusion to make up for the blood loss.” He also asserted that his assistant noticed eye paralysis and Koyeri was rushed for an MRI. He was later admitted to an ICU where he suffered a heart attack.

Meanwhile, had it not been for Aamir Khan’s intervention, Shajith Koyeri’s life would have been in jeopardy. We appreciate the generosity of Mr Perfectionist. Thank you, Aamir Khan.