Aamir Khan Called Rani Mukerji A ‘Buddhi’ Due To This Valid Reason

4:30 pm 9 Jul, 2018


Aamir Khan and Rani Mukerji are one of the closest friends in the industry. The two gave a major hit ‘Ghulam’ and became the heartthrobs of the industry. After that, the two were also spotted in ‘Mangal Pandey’ and ‘Talaash’. They have remained in the limelight for a long time after ‘Ghulam’ was released.

Rani Mukerji’s recent film ‘Hichki’ made her the talk of the town. Amongst the people who came for Hichki screening was Aamir too. While talking about her film, Rani also revealed what people including Karan Johar and Javed Akhtar had to say about her performance. Meanwhile, Rani also mentioned what her ex co-star Aamir said about the film.



In a recent interview given to a publication, Rani mentioned that Aamir called her ‘buddhi’. She also explained that she was upset about it. Do you know the reason for her being upset?



Rani said, “I remember Karan’s (Johar) words. He told me, ‘You have performed like a veteran actor.’ Javed (Akhtar) uncle called me after the screening and said he loved my performance in Hichki more than Black.”




Rani further added, “Aamir (Khan) joked that I make for a good-looking buddhi because of the last scene where I’m an old woman. This is the kind of attention an actor craves for.”



Speaking further on the same, Rani mentioned that whenever she opts for a script, she always hopes that the audience would like it. She also mentioned, “But no one can predict to what extent it will be accepted. If we could do the predictions, then all our films would be hits. There would be no misses.”

After Hichki’s success, Rani has not decided anything about her next role and film. We will keep you updated on more information about the Bollywood diva.