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Aamir Khan Speaks On His Life Philosophy, And Why He Is The Way He Is

Published on 9 December, 2016 at 6:15 pm By

Actor Aamir Khan was in Delhi on December 9 and spoke to a small group of people from the media about his upcoming movie Dangal, and his young co-stars who are just making their Bollywood debut.

Getting candid with the group, Aamir spoke about everything under the sun and even gave an insight on his life philosophies and why he follows them.


Here is what he said;

On his new look

This is not the final look, but at present I am growing out my hair and beard, but as we near the movie, we will final the look that if we should keep it or not. It’s that in the prep period I prefer my facial hair to grow so we can play with it.

On stars outshining the person being portrayed

My purpose is not to promote myself or them. When I am making the film, it is because I love the story, it is because I am creatively excited about the film and that is what I want to share with the audience. My primary job is neither to promote myself nor to promote a sports person. My primary responsibility is to make a good film and that is what I concentrate on. I am not making an Ad film for the Phogat family for them to become popular; this is not their intention either.

On Raju Hirani’s biopic on Sanjay Dutt

In Sanjay Dutt’s biopic, he is not in the film, but it’s about Sanjay Dutt. I have heard the script, it’s excellent. I called up Sanju and I told him that this is the first time in the history of cinema that an actor who is not in the film will get more popularity than the actor who has worked to be the role in the film. So your stardom, which is already great, will become even greater, though you are not in the film, or have never shot for it even a single day in your life.


On herd mentality about Biopic

I don’t think there is a herd mentality that is being followed, there are only few biopic that comes in a year, 1 or 2, there are around 300 movies being made in a year, so there is no herd mentality. If it was 250 out of 300 movies that were Biopic, then I would have believed you.

On his drastic transformation for Dangal


The people who say it’s not physically possible, I have no idea about their knowledge or understanding of fitness, but let me tell you a simple fact, which is very scientific, when you talk about losing weight,  you work on calorie deficit, a person uses roughly 2000 calories a day, if he not working out that is, if I want to lose weight, then I need to follow a balanced diet, and within that balanced diet, my calorie count has to be 1500 which is in 500 deficit of what I am spending so on a daily basis there would be a deficit of 500 calories. So when you lose 3500 calories you lose 1 pound of fat. So at the end of 7 days, you would have a deficit of 3500 calories, which means you would have lost 1 pound. I spend 500 calories more by doing weights, so my spending is 2500, my intake is 1500, my deficit is now of 1000 a day, so at the end of one week I lose not 1 pound but 2 pounds and this is a healthy rate to lose it at.

I had a requirement to lose weight faster than that, so I did that, though I would not recommend it to others.

My deficit of calories was not 1000 a day but 2000 a day for first 3 weeks, so that gave me a kick start and I lost 6 kilos that is 14 pounds. And later to 1500 deficit to 1000 a week.

But my goal was not to weight but 9% body fat and have huge muscles, and I did that and came down from 38% body fat to 9% body fat, so I didn’t lose 27 kilos just 15 kilos.

On being stressed

I am always stressed, and for every film, I am stressed, I have not been able to sleep for past 5 days, now I am hoping that Delhi is able to help me there and I am able to sleep tonight.

On being least active on Twitter and Social Media

Each person has their own personality, Twitter is a platform, one person interacts with their audience via it and engages with people, but when I come there my personality reflects there. I am the person that gets lost in their work and not aware of who is around me or what is happening. I am absolutely cocooned in my own world of the film, and not communicative. This is not just with the people on Twitter, but even at home, so my personality reflects everywhere and it takes a lot of effort on Kiran’s part at the time to get me back to earth. It’s not that I don’t value Twitter as a platform, but because I speak less.

On speaking Haryanvi for Dangal

I found it very difficult,  I found Haryanvi very difficult,  especially because I was coming out of Bhojpuri, so suddenly when I came out of Bhojpuri, it took me few months to navigate that and I used to constantly use Bhojpuri words during the film. So it took me about 4 months to learn all my lines in Haryanvi.

On December being lucky for him

I am hoping that my previous films have not worked because of luck and that they were good films and people actually enjoyed them.  But it’s not a coincidence that it has happened, my films have been getting ready towards the end of the year and when I comes to being towards the end of the year, there are two big dates, one is Diwali , one is Christmas, and when I say big, there is a reason behind it, that are holidays. So from a holiday point of view, they are good periods to release movies in. It’s more a coincidence that it has happened that way but it’s a happy coincidence.

On working with Sakshi Tanwar

Oh! it was wonderful to work with Saakshi, and absolute dream, she is so talented. I can’t remember a single shot in the film where we had to give one more take. And she gives not just a technically good shot, she has the skills and the emotions, she is a fantastic actor. It was a joy for me to work with her and apart from that she is such a wonderful human being, so warm and always happy, it was wonderful to work with her and I would love to work with her again.

On being a parent and being a father

In real life I am a very indulgent father and not at all strict, neither Kiran nor I are strict, that is not to say we are too soft, we don’t want our kids to turn out spoilt, but we are not harsh or hard or strict. We instil discipline with love. We don’t have to shout on our kids for that.

On Talash the movie

Talash made 95 cores, couldn’t have increased 5 corers, I could have said 105, work done. But I didn’t do that and it made 95, where as we thought it would just make 70 cores. I never work for money. I have also done Dhobi Ghat which just made 15 cores. I do movies which my heart wants.

I did this movie because I found it unique, as it was about dealing with terms to loss and that is a very rare topic as each one of us will deal with loss, death is the ultimate reality, but we never prepare for it. So that sadness of losing someone that is what is Talash and that is what I found to be a very beautiful thought.



On fear of how his movies will perform

I always fear, and I think that it’s the fear that keeps me alert. Every film of mine I fear. I have a line with Ashutosh from back in Lagaan days, where there is a scene where I am in the temple and really sad. I tell my mother at that time, “maa ee bira uthake maine kono galti toh nahi ki” (Mother, by taking this responsibility, I hope I didn’t make a mistake) and few days later during the shoot, I told Ashu, e beera uttha k maine koi galti to na ki (I hope we didn’t commit a mistake by taking this film) now that dialog has become a pet dialog for all my films and that fear is always there with me for all my films.

On Female version of Dil Chata Hai

I think it’s a great concept and it would be great film, as for casting I think two characters should be Sanya and Fatima as they are the age group that you are talking, they are very young. One should actually cast actors who are in their early 20s like Fatima and Sanya. They are very good actors.

On shooting in Punjab

It’s a fantastic place to shoot at, I went there for Rang De Basanti and now Dangal, so it was amazing, and I tell you why, because it happens very much in public and the people of Punjab are so co-operative, warm and hospitable, yet their love never comes between your work and they never disturb you.

On which movie he saw in 2016

“I see less movies, but I saw Sultan this year and it was amazing and I saw Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, which I loved as well.”

On being called Mr. Perfectionist

“It (being called a perfectionist) puts no pressure on me as it’s an inaccurate title, the correct title for me is not Mr. Perfectionist, and it should be Mr. Passionate that is what I am. Perfection according to me doesn’t exist, there is no such thing as perfection, and certainly not in the creative field.”

“When I am in a shot, there are many technical elements that need to be right…but you know what I look for in a shot? I don’t look at these kinds of ‘perfection’ I look if we have caught the heart of the moment, so that when you see the shot, you feel yes! It’s a magical moment that happened. For me an imperfect shot will not matter, because for me what matters is that we caught the heart of the moment.”



There is no doubt that it is his philosophy of life which has made Aamir Khan what he is today.


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