Pooja Bedi’s Daughter’s Single Reply Was Enough To Shut The Slut Shamers All At Once

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4:59 pm 7 Nov, 2016

Pooja Bedi’s daughter, Aalia Ebrahim, has a huge following on social media. She is quite a stunner and her pictures absolutely prove it.



This girl is an absolute fashionista…



But there are certain haters who just cannot leave their habit of moral policing. Almost every picture of Aalia has some really demeaning comments. Though many have been deleted, still, take a look at some…



To all these slut-shamers, Aalia has replied…

There are people who comment and say hurtful things and I would be lying if I said that it doesn’t hurt from time to time.

This is not the first time that Aalia is in the news for shutting up Instagram slut -shamers with her words. We are aware of her “I am more that my breasts” comment and that was the perfect reply to all her haters.



Aalia finally spoke about it in her recent interview.

I read someone saying: ‘Oh! She is not Bollywood ready, she is porn ready.’ I was like, ‘Oh! Just because I wear a bikini, which is what everyone does anyway, how is it that it makes me porn ready and not Bollywood ready? Do you not see Bollywood movies or people wearing bikinis on beaches?


Even Aalia’s mother, Pooja Bedi, also vented her anger and expressed the proud feeling she has for being Aalia’s mother.



Pooja Bedi said,

A child who has got over 90 per cent in her board exams, who is now studying in one of the premier film institutes in the world, who has won a National award for art and who has got about 210 K followers on Instagram on her own is indeed commendable. Girls like Aalia should be role model for women across the board.

Both Aalia and her mother gave perfect replies to the moral police. It’s 2016 and people need to start living and thinking just like this era!


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