Post-Allahabad Renaming Fiasco, These Aaj Se Tumhara Naam Memes Are Trending On Social Media

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4:13 pm 20 Oct, 2018


UP government has officially changed the name of Allahabad district to Prayagraj. This decision came after Yogi Adityanath met the members of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad, an organization of Hindu Sants and Sadhus. According to them, the city was renamed in 1580 by Mughal Emperor, Akbar, from Prayag. They further pointed out that, historically, Allahabad originated from the word Allah (God), and thus, it famously became Allah-bad.

The institutes and the universities that are named after the city will also be renamed.




As UP government needs to alter a lot of other things to bring their state on the path of progress, thus, changing the name seemed like a useless move to many. And when the government does such pointless things, Twitterati have a field day.



Some people are criticizing his name-game, while the rest are predicting who else can Yogiji play this name-game with.

Though politicians don’t do things that benefit us, they at least make us laugh. Here are the 14 best memes that you will find on the internet:


From Gayle to Goyal




It couldn’t have been better




From an actress to a Devi




Kya Kim devi ke kabhi darshan honge?


He is an easy target, always



What’s in a name?




Let it be blank




Can you feel the difference?




You just can’t mess with him




Yogi knows it all



Oh! Poor Hasan



Let the truth be told



Name it at your own risk



All ‘bad’ things are happening





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