Your Aadhar Data Isn’t As Safe As You Think; But These Few Steps Can Help You Protect It

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1:50 pm 12 Jan, 2017

In 2009, the Indian government started the Aadhar program with the aim to give the masses a common identification card which contained all their vital information.

While to the masses its goal and importance were unclear at that time, over the years they learnt just how crucial it is, and Aadhar more or less became a must have to get certain facilities.


With Aadhar becoming India’s national identification number, the platform now holds all the KYC details that banks and other major platform require, and with a digitally stored biometric and demographic data it just speeds up the things where earlier it used to take days.

While all these are positive aspects of having an Aadhar Card, the same Aadhar number also puts your personal details at a risk.


You see despite all the initiative and process India’s digital platform has not become that secured yet that it cannot be hacked or not have its data stolen some other way.

There are have been instances where a person’s personal data including biometric prints, photograph and iris scans have been stolen, and then used to commit frauds.

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While all these are obviously quite alarming, we still need an Aadhar Card and just can’t speed up India’s security features overnight.

But what we can do is beef up the security of our own data and that too by a simple procedure.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will add an extra layer of security to your sensitive Aadhar data.

Here is what you need to do,
Visit UIDAI website’s biometric lock page and enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number.
Then Enter the Security Code that shows up in the image below.
Click Generate OTP,  which will send your registered mobile number a one-time password via an SMS.
Enter the received OTP on the same page and click ‘Verify’.
Check “Enable biometric locking” that appears on the next page or check “disable the lock” based on you need.
And it’s Done!

Your Aadhar details are now safe/er and cannot be accessed unless you enable it once again.

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Do note that locking biometric data means that the person can authenticate Aadhaar based transactions or requests for information only via the OTP sent to your phone from there on.


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