You Can Only Get Married At This Uttarakhand Temple If You Have An Aadhaar Card

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4:05 pm 10 Oct, 2016

At Golu Devta temple in Almora, Uttarakhand, priests will only let you marry, if you have an Aadhaar card.


While Adhaar is mandatory for several government schemes these days,  Almora’s Golu Devta temple decided to make it mandatory for marriages so as to make sure that both the groom and bride are not under-age.

What is more, no other ID proofs like Driving licence, Voter ID card or PAN cards are not accepted here as Aadhaar cards provide more background information about a person.

The priests at this temple first check the original Aadhaar so as to make sure incidents of child marriages don’t take place at the temple and only then lets the couple marry.


Representational Image Mief

Representational Image Mief

One must note that the Golu Devta temple is extremely popular in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand and as many as six marriages take place here on a daily basis.

A popular place to get married, many young couples, even few from Nepal visit the temple so as to solemnise their marriage.

With so many people approaching them for marriage, the priests faced an extremely difficult time doing a background check on each and every couple.


They thus decided to make Aadhaar cards compulsory, in order to make sure that the young couples that do get married there are at least above the age of 18.

Golu Devta is a local deity of justice in Kumaon community and a marriage in his temple is considered extremely auspicious.


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