Woman Shares Her Experience Of An Unusual Auto Ride. Read To Know What Happened

2:28 pm 4 Nov, 2018


Travelling alone at the night and that too in a metro city is not considered safe. And the reason is quite visible in the cases around women’s safety. Especially in Delhi, a number of incidents have been reported in which the women travelling alone at night found it a task to reach home safely. Most girls and women around the country meet with many horrific incidents happening on a daily basis. However, there are also some who go out of their way to make sure that travelling for a woman at night is nothing but safe. One such heartwarming incident recently happened in Delhi, when an auto-rickshaw driver ensured a girl’s safety. He dropped her safe and charged nothing.

Neha Das, originally from Kolkata, shared this story on Facebook about Praveen Ranjan, an auto- driver who helped her in reaching home safely when no one was around and the streets were mostly empty, as she left office nearly around midnight.





Neha shared her experience on the Facebook post and expressed her gratitude to the auto driver.


“Delhi is full of shitty people but there is this kind as well. He told me not to pay anything, getting me home safely was his priority, after reaching my destination, I tried giving some extra money which he obviously didn’t take! On insisting, he took the fare but without the night charges.”


Expressing her gratitude she ended her post with:


“Thank God for such nice, genuine people. It is always good at things around us. We probably don’t come across it often.”


Many praised him online as the post is going viral:




To let the world know about the wonderful acquaintance, Neha took a picture of the driver Ranjan who obliged with a warm smile.



Thank god there are such people out there helping and keeping the humanity alive. Do you also have such a story to share?