Two Teens Were Brutally Killed For Honor In Pakistan, But Liberals Around The World Are Silent

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9:00 pm 10 Sep, 2017

A tribal girl and a boy in Pakistan were killed for honor by their respective parents under orders from a Jirga (a tribal council). The incident happened in Karachi. The boy and the girl, both in their teens, were accused of falling in love and trying to elope. The teenagers aged 15 and 17 belonged to the Pashtun Mohmand tribe, which is basically of Afghan descent. The incident has left the right thinking people of Pakistan in shock.



A Jirga of Afghanistan. (Representational Image.)

According to Pakistani daily The News International, both the girl and the boy were electrocuted one after the other on subsequent days. Their bodies were buried in the dead of the night without performance eof last rites.

The report says that the Jirga announced its verdict on August 14, the day Pakistan celebrated its 70th Independence Day.

It says that the girl Bakht Taj tried to elope with her lover Rehman. She was discovered after her family found out a SIM card registered in Rehman’s name.

Given the violent state of affairs in conservative communities in Pakistan, the boy’s father tried to diffuse the situation. He approached the girl’s family and is believed to have also agreed to a tribal practice of offering girls from one’s own family for marriage to end strifes.


People protest honor killings in Pakistan. EPA

The report says that the girl’s family accepted the offer. But things went bad when the matter reached the Jirga. The tribal council rejected the mutual agreement between the families and told them that they must punish the children as an example for future generations and for the honor of the tribe.

Like every tribal or religious authority around the world, the Jirga must be obeyed otherwise families face the risk of ostracization and even death. The two families then went ahead with the order and killed the teenagers.

Many Pakistanis expressed their anger through tweets:


Though the killings were kept a secret, word reached the police and four people, including the family members of the boy and the girl have arrested. The police is also looking for the tribal Jirga leader who passed the order.

Honor killings are normal in Pakistan’s conservative societies. In 2016, the high profile murder of Pakistani celebrity Qandeel Baloch by her brother for family honor made headlines around the world.

But in spite of this news there is hardly a word from the liberal guardians of the world about the state of affairs in Pakistan. Not a single liberal champion, who demand the rights of Muslim women in the United States, spoke about this. They had chosen to remain quiet even when Baloch was killed.

The one-sided liberal ‘champions’ of the Western world and their hypocritical counterparts elsewhere are too busy talking about everything from the right to wear a hijab (but silent about those who don’t want to wear it), to putting the blame on the West for not doing enough for Muslims living in the West, to bitterly criticizing a Nobel Peace laureate for tackling terrorism in her country.

Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was given the Nobel Peace for her struggle for girls’ education in her country, is now too busy playing the liberal fiddle centered around Muslim politics instead of rights of children to love and receive education in the country she is from.