A Guy Terrorized By His Teacher Says ‘Bye’ On Facebook And Hangs Himself. When Will Our Teachers Learn?

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 12:08 pm


An institution which was morally built to educate young children with right knowledge and care has now become a death valley. Weak students are molested mentally by teachers and eventually when their tolerance reaches an ultimatum, they break down and give up on life. Is this what school is about? A suicidal pressure cooker?

Why students are not motivated with right guidance instead of being harassed? Perhaps, if this was done, many innocent lives would have been saved. And Samprit Banerjee could have been one of them.

But unfortunately, Samprit Banerjee hanged himself after he was severely humiliated every day by his accounts teacher just because he performed poorly in his half-yearly examination.


Samprit’s mother, Aparna, too blamed his accounts teacher for his extreme behavior:

“The accountancy teacher used to hit and make my son stand holding his ears in class. He is a teenager and it is a co-education school. He would find it very humiliating. He was so terrorized by the teacher’s punishment that he had stopped going to school on Wednesdays and Fridays because he had accountancy classes,”

Moreover, Samprit’s classmate narrated another incident where Samprit was beaten up after he asked why he was awarded low marks, whereas his classmates who wrote the same answers scored higher percentage.

“This infuriated the teacher. He slapped Samprit and told him to leave the class. Samprit found this humiliating and was upset over it,”

Samprit, after being embarrassed publicly, wrote his last facebook post with the caption, “Gd byee”. Then, nobody thought he is going forever.

Final words of despair:


On Thursday, he was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his bedroom at his Paschim Putiary home. Though no suicide note has been found but still, the cause of the suicide is very much clear. Media tried to contact the accountancy teacher but each time his phone was found switched off.

Seriously, all is not well in our education system.