A Throat Cancer Patient Killed His Friend Because He Introduced Him To Smoking

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6:45 pm 28 Aug, 2017


A 25-year-old man shot his friend after being diagnosed with throat cancer in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. He blamed him for his ailments as he introduced him to cigarettes and marijuana.


The victim’s body was found in a pool of blood at a biryani eatery. The deceased, Anaytullah, and the killer, Mustakeem Ahmed, worked as cooks in the same restaurant and they would often smoke together. Another employee of the hotel is missing and he is also considered a major suspect.

An FIR was registered on the complaint of the hotel owner. Shibesh Singh, DCP, said that a special team led by ACP, Aditya Gautam, had arrested Ahmed.


He further briefed about the interrogation,

The team mounted surveillance and interrogated several people to ascertain the whereabouts of the killer. CCTV footage from public and private cameras was also scanned. The suspect had fled to an unknown location and switched off his mobile phone.


On Friday, the Delhi police laid a master plan to arrest Ahmed. They were aware of the fact that the accused would come to Uttam Nagar to borrow money from his friend. Hence, they laid a perfect trap with his friend, and he was arrested after a chase.

Ahmed had also lost his job at the restaurant recently, and this further angered him. Thus, he threatened the hotel owner to sack Anaytullah, too, but when the owner refused to listen to him, he opened fire at his fellow cook, and killed him.



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