This Teenager Was Saved By A Drag Queen When Things Were About To Get Ugly!

4:02 pm 15 Oct, 2018


Last night I was in a bar and drinking with a bunch of friends and within a few minutes the bar got crowded and there were a lot of strangers around.  A friend was trying to protect our drinks. I was surprised but later realized that it actually takes a second for anyone to spike a drink. And what if you are alone? And If you are gay, in a gay bar, then the situation gets even more dangerous and you get vulnerable. Date rape drugs usually have no smell or taste, making them extremely difficult to spot. But in an unexpected situation, a drag queen saved one guy.

An anonymous Tumblr user from Australia has come forward after many years and shared his story when he was only 16 and a man slipped something into his drink in a gay bar and dragged him outside, into his car.  Read to know that how you can never let your guard down.





A drag queen is mostly a man who ostentatiously dresses up in women’s clothes. This is relatively new for people and they get judged easily because of their extensive makeup and stage performances. Drag queens try to come out of the judgment and experiment to be free.




The story the Twitter user shared was about a guy who went to a gay bar with a fake ID. The excitement to try the new waters led him to enter a place unknown to him and that too alone. A person offered him a drink and he accepted thinking that how would someone like him, a middle-aged guy would do that to him.







But he couldn’t understand when was his drink got spiked. He was feeling strange. The next thing he remembers is that he landed into his SUV and he started undressing him. The thoughts in the victim’s mind were horrific, as he was sure of getting raped and killed!




To the victim’s luck, suddenly a very large and angry drag queen opened the door of the car and saved him. They were the modern day ‘angels from heaven’ for him.





There comes a time when you fight back and you don’t care if you’ll get hurt or what happens to you. Such stories make you believe in humanity again.

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