G-spot Is Not A Myth, But A-spot Is A Better Way Of Making Your Partner Happy!

2:53 pm 15 Dec, 2018

For a country that literally wrote about the different ways of having sex, we keep our carnal pleasures suppressed. From considering sex as a taboo to porn ban, we take part in every charade to make sure that the ‘purity’ of our society is kept intact. Hence it’s not surprising when in our country many women are still unaware of the word called orgasm. Keeping that ranting aside, this article is perfect for those who want to make their partner happy with a soul shivering orgasm. No, we are not talking about G-spot but it’s the new pleasure point called A-spot.

For the uninitiated, G-Spot is a part of a woman’s clitoris that helps her in reaching to the point of pleasure. Though many still think it is a myth, that spot is very much real and it works too!




Anyway, let us explain to you what exactly is an A-spot. It is a pleasure point that is a part of the clitoris. Yes, G-spot is also a part of the same. In fact, the clitoris is the part that is responsible for all the orgasms. Called the Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone (A-spot), it is located at the back end of the clitoris.

Wondering why it is called A-spot? Well, not only vaginal sex but it can also be reached during the anal intercourse. It means even if anal is a big no for your partner; you can still make her reach pleasure with A-spot.



This brings us to another important question, how can you find it? Well, finding it is a little tricky but the end result is worth it. It is the hard spot at the back of the vagina. You won’t be able to penetrate any further after this point. Words of caution, make sure that you wash your hands properly with soap and water before venturing out to find the A-spot.



When touched, one can fell pleasure or strange. This is an extremely sensitive part and needs to be handled with care. Generally, it helps female to reach an intense orgasm but there are some who might not like it. Actually, the feeling of pleasure is different for everyone. Hence, make sure your partner is comfortable with the A-spot adventure.



The sensation that is created in an A-spot is mainly about pressure rather than nerves. This is the reason it can be accessed during both vaginal and anal sex. It can only be activated by pressure and not by basic rubbing or touching. Taking care of A-spot, once in a while, is not only about pleasure. It also helps in decreasing vaginal dryness by increasing lubrication in women.




Now that you are aware of this magic spot, don’t waste your time on the internet, go and make your partner happy. Before that, don’t forget to share the article with friends. Go, spread happiness!

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