A Publication Thinks ’20 Pics Of Suhana Khan To Spice Up Your Friday’, Is Journalism. For shame!

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Updated on 24 Apr, 2017 at 12:06 pm


Journalism has lost its grace. It has become a shitty clickbait world because of the urgency to sell masala news. Nowadays, it is foolish to use the word “news” with journalism, as journalists are selling people’s esteem, not facts.

A well-known publication, India Today, did the same thing yesterday. They posted an insensitive headline,’20 Pics Of Suhana Khan To Spice Up Friday In Case You Had Other Plan’, on their website portal. Is this the respect they have for a 16 year-old girl?

Suhana Khan is Shah Rukh’s daughter, and by default, she is a famous face. But that does not mean that the media has the freedom to post a filthy article on her. This is what they wrote,



As expected, the internet shamed the publication, and made a strong statement i.e journalists need to learn where to draw the line.

This is what Twitter said,



But it seems that ‘India Today’ is not a good learner. They changed the headline but kept the article intact.

And here’s what might happen next.