Shocking, But This Image Used In The “Incredible India” Poster Is Not In India

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6:05 pm 17 Aug, 2016

Just like many of you, I’m a big admirer of India’s natural beauty. From deserts to mountains and from snow to waterfalls, we have it all. But, unfortunately, it has come to our notice that a photograph used for advertising India, actually doesn’t have India on it.

This image (below) was taken outside the Indian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland with Ajay Bisaria, Indian Ambassador to the Republic of Poland. With the surreal ‘Incredible India’ poster in the background, it looked like a marketing campaign to promote tourism in India.


But, all is not right in this photo. Rajesh Shrestha, a Kathmandu resident, currently touring Europe noticed something peculiar and pointed out that the mountain range in ‘Incredible India’ poster is Annapurna range, which is in Nepal.

As the Facebook post got viral, criticism started pouring in against the Indian government.

Ajay Bisaria contacted Rajesh on Facebook and apologised to everyone in Nepal:

The image, which is said to be provided by an outsourced company was actually inspired from Shutterstock:

A simple copy and paste trick? I feel like saying:



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