A British Teen’s Jeans Slipped Off Before The Dy PM Of UK. A New Way Of Protest For Indians?

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4:40 pm 2 May, 2015


Nick Clegg is the current Deputy Prime Minister of United Kingdom and a Prime Ministerial candidate in the upcoming general election. He was on a campaign tour in West Midlands when 17-year-old William Carrie approached him for a photo. But before he could even aim the camera, his low-rise jeans slipped down to his knees. Clegg immediately brushed him aside. The embarrassed teen apologised for what he claimed was an accident. Clegg, too, later joked about it.

But what if it was intentional? And why can’t we in India use this as a sign of protest instead of those violence-fuelled ink throws, chappal slings, and bus torching? Gandhigiri, anyone?


Credit: [email protected]

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