A Congress MLC Allegedly Shouted At Shah Rukh Khan On His Birthday, But SRK’s Reaction Was Priceless

4:25 pm 11 Nov, 2017


You must have seen celebrities losing their cool various times when paparazzi just don’t leave them alone. Sometimes they leave their cool on fans as well. However, most of the time, celebrities behave mature and know how to handle the worst of situations. Their experience and exposure make them immune to people and criticism.


Shah Rukh Khan is known for keeping a good relationship with his fans and media.bollywoodhungama.in

Talking about Shah Rukh Khan, there are hardly any times when we have seen him getting angry and that too publically. King Khan always maintains his calm, in spite of the fact that a hundred thousand fans surround him where ever he goes.



Shah Rukh Khan waving at his fans.thenational.ae

Shah Rukh recently celebrated his 52nd birthday with friends and family in Alibaugh. Everything was going well unless Maharashtra MLC came into the scene.


Shah Rukh recently celebrated his 52nd birthday.deccanchronicle.com

It was the time when Shah Rukh was returning from Alibaugh with his family and friends, that something unexpected happened.


Shah Rukh Khan returning from Alibaugh.midday.com

According to a report, MLC Jayant Patil lost his temper when he encountered a huge crowd waiting to get a glimpse of the actor. “Have you bought the entire Alibaug?” an angry Patil reportedly shouted at Khan adding. He further quoted, “Without my permission, you can’t come to Alibaug.”


Screenshot of the video showing Jayant Patil shouting on SRK.

This was indeed infuriating for everybody who witnessed the situation. However, even after the outpouring of this hatred, Shah Rukh didn’t pay any heed to it, and instead stepped out of his yacht in his own style, waving and greeting his fans who were waiting for him for hours.

Here is the video of the incident:



Truly, no one else can be like Shah Rukh Khan ever. He is a true star and will always be.