A Madurai Hospital Is Giving Special Meals At 3 AM To Help Muslims Observe Ramadan Fast

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10:48 pm 13 Jun, 2016


Taking a serious note of problems faced by Muslim patients’ attendants and medical fraternity during Ramadan, a Madurai hospital has been providing special meals at 3 am so that they can observe their fast.

The decision was taken by the Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre (MMHRC) after it found that people who observe fast have difficulty in finding food during the early morning hour.


According to senior manager of catering at the MMHRC, Vivekanandhan, they give them dates, and then the meals, which would include one non-vegetarian dish, fruits and juice.

Those who want the early breakfast  are either asked to come to the restaurant or, if they have to be in a sterile zone due to the patient’s condition, the food is served in the rooms.



In evening, the hospital offers ‘nombu kanji’ (fasting gruel) that includes rice, dhal and mincemeat.

“We ensure the food served is of good quality, and non-Muslims are also welcome to ask for these meals,” Vivekanandhan told TOI.


Further, the hospital has been providing these special meals for some years now.


Rihana, an attendant, says she had tried buying food the previous day, but it was getting spoilt. That was before she knew the hospital had this facility. “This is a real service to persons like us,” she said.



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