Watch: A Guy Was Thrown Out Of Police Station Because He Was Wearing Shorts

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6:19 pm 9 Nov, 2017


Police forces in India play a huge role in maintaining the law and order. With great power comes great responsibility, too. Recently a video has become viral which questions the integrity of police forces in India.

A resident of Kalyan in Maharashtra, Mangesh Desale, visited the Khadakpada Police station to get the police verification done for his passport. His visit proved to be very unpleasant as the police officers asked him to leave the station because of his inappropriate dress code.




The victim Mangesh recorded this entire incident and shared it on Facebook and his videos have divided the internet into different opinions.

On one side, people believe that Police should not have treated him disgracefully since wearing shorts in the police station is not a crime. On the other hand, people also respect the fact he should have been wearing pants since it is a police station.



Mangesh explained the incident in his Facebook post:



Bala Saheb Kadam, Senior police inspector, told mid-day, ” Our officials merely asked him to wear proper clothes while visiting the police station. Women come to the police station too, and shorts don’t look good. He is an engineer; he should have better manners and know how to present himself at a police station”.