A Guy Asked A Girl For Nude Pictures, And Her Response Was Perfect

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5:22 pm 25 Apr, 2018

First impression is the last impression.

This saying is not only true for the first meeting with the person, but also for chatting. The way we converse reflects a lot about who we are and what manners do we possess.

However, in the world, one can often find a pervert or two here and there. Such ‘perv-peeps’ can go to the extent of asking a girl for her nude photographs.

An Imgur user, leonaloir, had to face one such creepy fellow. But, little did the man know that her responses will be not what he wants to see.

The headline for the snapshots on Imgur reads, ‘How to react when someone asks you to send nudes.’

Take a look at it:





Boy, is she witty or what? Damn right, Leona! This man just got served!


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