Girl Taught A Rickshaw-Puller Lesson For Life When He Tried To Harass Her And Tried To Force Her To Go With Him

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2:43 pm 15 May, 2018


In the recent past, there have numerous cases where women were molested, abused or worse raped in broad daylight.

While such conditions are making the life tough for females, majority of the time there is no help at police turn up late or harass the victim instead of helping them.


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Exemplifying above, a twenty-three-year-old girl was recently harassed outside New Delhi Metro Station when a drunk rikshaw-puller abused her and tried to force her to go with him.


The incident took place on May 10, 2018, around 6:30 pm when the girl, who is a student at Jamia Milia Islamia University, got out at New Delhi Metro Station and was waiting for a rickshaw to go to Paharganj.


She was then approached by a rickshaw-puller who was under the influence of alcohol and tried to force her to travel with him.

The girl tried to protest but when he didn’t listen, she got angry and smashed her water bottle on his face, slapped him, and dragged him to a police post.


Unfortunately, there was not even a single cop present at the post and the girl was forced to call Police control room to seek help.

She also face the apathy of police as when she repeatedly call the Delhi Police control room, they didn’t even turn up even after 45 minutes of wait.


According to girl’s Twitter post, someone picked up the helpline the call and said that the cops would reach within five minutes.

As police didn’t reach the spot even after 45 minutes of wait, the girl was forced to take law in her own hand and started to thrash the pervert with a stick and continued until his arms began to bleed and he was begging for mercy.


The accused then apologised for what he had done and shamelessly asked her to let him go as ” koi nahi ayega” (no one from the Police would come to her aid).

Shocked by abysmal state of police security the girl later took to Twitter and posted about the incident where she also tagged the Delhi Police, Lt Governor, and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Here is what she posted:

Despite the fact that no police help came up to girl’s aid when she required it the most, to her utter dismay the Delhi Police later called her up and assured her on social media that they are taking appropriate action.


The Delhi Police has also suspended two cops – the investigating officer who had received the call and a duty officer for not doing their duties properly.

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