A Footballer Thanked Both His Wife And Girlfriend In A Speech, And Twitter Knew What Would Happen Next

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Updated on 26 Mar, 2017 at 12:04 pm


It was a celebration time for Mohammed Anas, a Ghanaian footballer, when he was named the Man of the Match for his brilliant performance against Ajax Cape Town FC. But during his acceptance speech, he committed a blunder, he mistakenly thanked both his wife and his girlfriend.



Immediately, he corrected his statement, and lovingly thanked his wife. But I guess, the damage was done.

This is what he had said,

Though we don’t know how genuine he was, but we can surely say that he would definitely have had a hard time getting back home. Seeing this goof-up, Twitter had a field day and they hilariously predicted his condition:


1. Ouch. Couch?


2. Nikalja ghar se baahar.


3. Sach ka saamna.


4. Even Inzamam-ul-Haq is better than him.


5. Girlfriend calling for the nth time.


6. Who could have thought of this?


7. Personal injuries.


8. His next speech.


9. Why did you do this, bitch?


10. Bro, you lost the match.


11. Mera sar sharam ke maare jhuk gaya:


12. Ready for the fall?


13. But, we had fun.


14. RIP



We feel you, bro.

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