Bhojpuri Producer Got Arrested For Circulating Nude Bathroom Scene Of The Actress On Internet

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2:07 pm 5 Apr, 2018


After a number of actresses have shared their casting couch and #MeToo experiences, it is no secret that a lot of actresses, especially newcomers are harassed and abused in India’s entertainment industry. But only a few are brave enough to fight out and get the culprit punished. One such recent incident has come to light where an actress has got a film producer arrested for making her unedited bathroom scene go viral on the internet.


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Mumbai police have arrested a C-grade Bhojpuri film producer named Upendrakumar Verma for allegedly sharing an obscene clip of an actress from his short film on YouTube. It features a 28-year-old actress with whom the producer had shot a short film in 3 days at his office in Versova.


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In the film, there was a particular scene where the actress had to appear in a towel. However, the towel accidentally slipped while the camera was still recording. The producer had promised the actress that he would delete the scene but he did not. In fact, he uploaded the “unedited bath scene” on YouTube. The clip was watched by about 1000 viewers and was later picked up by some pornographic portals.


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According to a report by India Today, a Mumbai police officer said,

“There was a particular scene in the short movie where the actress had to come out in towel. However, accidentally the towel slipped while the camera was recording. Verma promised the actress to omit the scene but did not do so.”


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A few days later, actress’s friends informed her about the video and she asked Verma to delete it but he refused and later even stopped picking her calls. The actress then filed an FIR on January 28. For two months, the producer went absconding but was finally arrested on April 2 in Mumbai at his relative’s salon.