Things Got Extremely Awkward When A Teenager Matched With His Own Sister On Tinder

2:36 pm 28 Nov, 2018


Dating has become an online affair for the generation Y. In the last few years, dating apps have completely changed the landscape of relationships. People swipe right and left to chose their partners. Nowadays, a boy and a girl can easily connect to each other in a matter of seconds with just a few taps on the phone. And if it’s a ‘match’, then hurray! The two can go on dates and even live happily ever after if they choose to. However, there is a dark side to dating apps and things don’t always turn out the way the users want it to be. Sometimes things can get really weird.

Such was the case with a teenager who found himself in the worst possible situation when he swiped right and started chatting with a girl on Tinder. His potential date turned out to be his own sister. Oops!



The teenager, identified as Weston, shared screenshots of the conversation on Twitter. And wrote how he got matched with his own sister! You would definitely say, oh my god!




Here is the entire conversation:



We all know that dating apps can potentially be quite misleading. A man or a woman you match with, who looks really good in pictures, may turn out to be quite the contrary in real life. Some users have even been duped of money and jewelry after they went on dates. But matching with your own sibling!?



Dating apps are intensively used by those hoping for a digital help to hunt for a perfect match. But we need to be a little more proactive. What about you? Have you experienced anything awkward on such apps? Let us know.




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