They Chose Dancing To Express Their Break-Up Story

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Updated on 30 Oct, 2015 at 1:40 pm


Have you ever been in love and then had that loved one leave you? Well, that feeling leaves people speechless. Such a traumatic situation can be expressed in many other ways than words.

Madonna’s principal lead dancer, Chaz Buzan, and Courtney Schwartz produced a gripping dance routine called “A Breakup Story” under Talia Favia‘s choreography. It perfectly captures all the emotions and head storming situations couples go through while parting away.


Diminishing love cannot be expressed in any other way than this powerful dancing.




James Bay’s hit ‘Let It Go,’ gives the moves a sorrowful feel of being hit right in the heart.



All the ups and downs they go through…

2 (1)


…and the struggle to let go of each other.



Experiencing all the five stages of loss and grief – denial, anger, bargaining…



…reaching the stage of acceptance. Because nothing else was left to be said!

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The heart-breaking video and the powerful dancing will surely let you feel the grief of being left by the one whom you loved with all your heart.


Source: aplus

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