This Girl Has Developed A Board Game On Arranged Marriages To Empower Women

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10:00 am 31 Aug, 2017


Nashra Balagamwala, 24, has created an amazing board game with the theme of arranged marriages.

She was just 18 when she first faced the pressure to go for an arranged marriage. Five years later, she made an arranged marriage look like a board game.


She is a design graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, and she has previously worked for the board game giant, Hasbro.

She first came up with the idea of  ‘Arranged!’ while listing down all the things she had done to avoid an arranged marriage while growing up in Pakistan.


Wearing fake engagement rings, getting a tan or being seen with male friends in public were some of her game plans. And now, she has incorporated all this into this game.


‘Arranged!’ is a board game that follows three women players. Their only objective is to avoid the matchmaker.

Nashra believes that this game is not just for fun but it has a deeper meaning, too, She says,

This game has really helped decrease the pressure of getting an arranged marriage. I’ve spoken up about a topic that Pakistanis are uncomfortable with, and now I’m no longer the perfect submissive bride they’re looking for. At the beginning of the game, players usually think it’s all fun and games, however, they start to realize the deeper issues that are present and have the urge to talk about it, Although a game cannot change the world, I am hopeful that by discussing the problems these societies face, they might start to realise how flawed these norms are and eventually work towards fixing it.



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