9 Things To Do And Not To Do On The First Day Of Your College

Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 2:11 pm


It’s a thrilling situation, isn’t it? You’ve got yourself admitted to a college and simply waiting for the first day. This is the time we’ve all felt excited, lost, thrilled and nervous about – all at the same time. There is a fear of anything going wrong, yet having the confidence to beat it on the first day itself. But all that your mind is devoted to right now are the dos and don’ts on the first day, right? Here’s a list of nine things you should keep in mind when you’re venturing out on the most thrilling journey of your life.

9. A friendly attitude always works

First things first, your college is not your school. With minimum chances of getting anyone familiar, you have to be on your best spirits. A show-off is simply a turn off for everyone. If you are friendly and approachable, you sure are on the right track in making friends.

9. A Friendly Attitude Always Works

8. But don’t worry if you haven’t made friends


You might have great expectations of making great connections, but, don’t be disheartened. With time, you will gather friends. However, it’s better if your only motive on the first day is not “I’ve got to make friends today.”

no friend


7. Don’t be a Know-It-All

Everyone hates people who make comments on every single issue. Even if you feel that there is something you can provide for, don’t go overboard with it. It’s good to keep some things within one’s self.

Don’t be a Know-It-All

6. Clothes should be comfy and cool; no haute couture

The first day of your college is not a runway. Period.

Clothes Should Be Comfy And Cool, No Haute Couture

5. Trying to network with your seniors isn’t cool on the very first day

If they are interested, they will come and interact. It’s better that you don’t initiate the process. Not to worry, you have the college fest and functions ahead of you. Those will provide ample scope of interaction.

 Trying To Network with Your Seniors

4. You have to be very punctual; no being SRK

You will find everything difficult if you reach your college in shabby just-out-of-bed hair, rushing up the stairs, tumbling on the way and limping while entering your class.

 dont be like srk

3. You will have to adjust with your surroundings

Your convent mannerisms (if you are from one) will not work here, you have to morph yourself accordingly. This helps you to create a bond with the rest of your mates. What you learn in school will stay with you forever, but hey, college is a microcosm of the world waiting for you. So start adjusting from now on.

You Will Have To Adjust With Your Surroundings

2. Treat Others Politely and Be Social

There will be, along with you, a large number of freshmen who are equally unaware of their surroundings as you are. Your good nature and polite behaviour will be an absolute win.

Treat Others Politely and Be Social

1. Don’t be struck by cupid on the first day itself

Giving out flirtatious glances will make you the butt of laughter than that of a lover. Colleges are not as the way they are portrayed on screen. Love can happen in college, but don’t be hell-bent on making it happen on the first day.


 Don’t be struck by Cupid on the First Day itself

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