9 Reasons Why Hindi Movie Channels Showing South Indian Dubbed Films Should Be Banned

Updated on 1 Oct, 2014 at 5:19 pm


With the ever increasing hike in the cost of the cable channels, there seems to be a significant boom in the number of Hindi film channels. Oops! Did I say Hindi film channels? “Dubbed south Indian film channels” would be a more appropriate word to describe them. Whenever you find some time and want to watch a film, you inevitably find a stupid South Indian film (we’re not being regionalists, it’s just that the ones that are shown are seriously unwatchable!!) being played. Arrghh!
In this list, we’re up with points that shouts out loud the ban of airing South Indian films in Hindi film channels—

9. That’s a Hindi Channel—H.I.N.D.I!

It’s high time channel owners get the fact right that their channels are there to show Hindi films and not those intolerable Hindi dubbed south Indian movies .And for the record, there are more than a million Hindi films to be shown.

That’s a Hindi Channel—H.I.N.D.I!

8. Have the Other Film Industries Gone To The Dog?


Okay, we do understand the channel owner’s love for dubbed films, and hence, would love to remind him that there are more film industries in India other than bollywood and the brilliant south Indian films. There are endless lists of famous award winning Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese, Marathi and many more regional films, which the film channels can show to their viewers.

Have the Other Film Industries Gone To The Dog?

7. No More Lungi-Clad Heroes PLEASE!

We are sick and tired of seeing overweight south Indian actors wearing lungis above their thighs and doing summersaults. Yes of course we love to watch heroes with exiting stunts and moves, but when they are in “pants” and not in micro mini lungis.

No More Lungi-Clad Heroes PLEASE!

6. South Indian Heroes or Super Heroes?

You may have seen people doing stunts using cycles/bikes/cars, but you simply haven’t seen a stunt using a Tractor, Truck or a Rickshaw anywhere except here.
One bullet fired from the hero’s gun can kill two people simultaneously, while 10 Bullets fired from 10 different guns at the same time can never kill the hero. In short, the hero is immortal.

South Indian Heroes or Super Heroes?

5. Heroines are Mere Equipment

In every movie there is only one female character and she has only two jobs. One is to show her curves in skimpy clothes and second is to almost get raped. She nearly gets assaulted by each and every person in the film except the hero. I am absolutely not saying that rape is anything less than a direly serious matter I am just saying that nobody told these movies that.

Heroines are Mere Equipment

4. Excuse me, don’t you Ever Find Any Better Looking Villain(s)?

South Indian films seem to be stuck in the dichotomy between “good” and “bad” so much so that the villains are portrayed as the worst looking people ever with huge twirling moustaches and equally dark skin! It’s indeed funny to see how rich and famous film industries propound racism!

Excuse me, don’t you Ever Find Any Better Looking Villain(s)?

3. Logic Less!

Part of being a decent human is attempting to understand and empathize with the many different cultures and societies that surround us. And what better way to accomplish that than by watching their most hilariously confusing movies and extrapolating out a set of unfair, ridiculous stereotypes from them?

Logic Less!

2. Dubbed Songs and movie names =Death!

The most dreadful part of these films is their impeccably funny dubbed names and songs. Here are some of the names-Daring Gundaraaj (Aatadista – Telugu), Ek Tha Soldier (Shakti – Telugu),Ek Tha Mafia – The Underworld (Sadurangam – Tamil), Fighter man Singham (Singham – Tamil), Tapori Wanted (Pokiri – Telugu and the list continues.
We better let these videos speak for you.

1. Dance. Is it?

No matter how unbearable dubbed movies are, the only appreciable part of them is their dance sequences. No matter how bad your mood is, be sure to roll over the floor laughing, once you see those movements.


Dance. Is it?

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