9 Reasons Why People Engage In Extramarital Affairs And Cheat On Their Spouses

10:00 am 22 Mar, 2018


We all earnestly want to believe in the existence of the “happily ever after”, but the bleak and sad truth is that cheating happens. Even in a seemingly fairy-tale marriage, one partner cheats and it brings down the entire foundation of their relationship in shambles.

Cheating is wrong, we all are aware. Still, there is a rising rate of extramarital affairs. The question is why? There is not just one but many reasons due to which people engage in infidelity.


1. Getting married early



People who marry really young in their 20s experience substantial changes by the time they turn 30. It’s not entirely unnatural for one or both the partners to want out. Due to varied reasons, separation becomes almost impossible. Hence, the affair seems the best way out.

2. Dissatisfied physical intimacy


In a country like India where physical intimacy, even in marriage, is a matter of taboo, and therefore it is a leading cause of an affair.  People often look out to satisfy their physical needs outside their bond of marriage.

3. Emotional disconnect


Couples grow, in that process, they often find each other emotionally away. The emotional disconnect pushes people further away from each other. Without any escape from an enclosed situation, most people tend to cheat mainly to satisfy their emotional vacuum.

4. Different core values


The core values in one’s life are tested mostly during tough situations. Often there is a clash of core values that lead to a distance between partners which is hard to cross. This irreconcilable difference can trigger extramarital affair.

5. Need for fun


As derogatory as it may sound in terms of loyalty of a relationship, this is a prevailing reason. There are times when people engage in cheating because they need a break from the monotony of life.


6. Reasons for marriage


When two people marry for the wrong reasons then there is a high chance of an extramarital affair. They often see their marriage as a mistake and as an escape cheating seems the only way.


7. Becoming parents


A kid changes the entire dynamics of the husband-wife relationship. Priorities change with the birth of the baby and that become a reason for many to cheat.

8. Marriage of convenience


There are couples who get married in order to gain something from the other person. It can be financial security or advancement in career or something else. Such kind of situation very likely leads to the inevitable conclusion of cheating.

9. Attention and ego boost



There are times when people are in constant need of approval to keep their insecurity below the wraps. Thus, when someone shows attention, they are tempted to cheat. Most of the times, they end up cheating.



What do you think are the other reasons? Let’s know in the comments below.

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