9 Scientifically Proven Reasons For Divorce

9:00 am 3 Apr, 2018


According to social scientists, human behavior can suggest a lot of things. The relationship between married couples can largely depend on those human behaviors. It becomes rather easy to predict whether the marriage will sustain forever or end up in another disastrous decision. Scientific researches have predicted various reasons that may suggest why a happily married couple end up separating ways.


Eternal marriages may or may not exist, but these reasons definitely provide an insight into rationales of failed marriages. Have a look:


1. Getting married too soon or too late


Marriage is a bond of true love that can happen anytime, anywhere. It is said that the best time to get married is when you feel totally ready to spend your life with that special someone. But to our very surprise, there are researches that suggest that the couples who marry in their teenage or the couples that get married in their mid-30s are at higher risk of getting divorced than the couples in their late 20s and early 30s. The risk is becoming higher in teen couples because they are inexperienced and unprepared for the difficulties that may enter into their marriages. The chances of ending up into divorce increases with the increased age gap between the partners.




2. Excessive affection as Newlyweds

Newlywed couples seem to over do everything when it comes to their new marriages. Holding hands, kisses, hugs and excessive PDAs can complicate their relationship at some point. Researches have justified the reason for divorce to be the frivolous attitude towards the new marriages, whereas the marriages that kicked off with romance and understanding were happily-ever-after because the intensity becomes difficult to maintain. It has become a scientifically proven fact that the marriages that overdo Bollywood romance can end up having a promising future.


3. Lack of Higher Education

Believe it or not, not finishing higher studies can cause a threat to marriages because of various reasons. Studies have shown suggestive divorce patterns between the couples who end up marrying without finishing high school and the couples who marry after completing their education. Obviously, the chances were higher in marriages with lack of education than the marriages with proper educations. The reasons can vary from financial stability to maturity and more secured future prospects.


4. Husband without a full-time job

It has been suggested by a 2016 Harvard study, published in the American Sociological Review, that the division of labour between the couple can largely affect the psychological compatibility between them. Furthermore, during the year of research, i.e. 1975, the researchers found out that the marriages in which the husband did not have a full-time job had a 3.3% chance of divorcing that year, compared to 2.5% marriages in which the husband was working full-time. It is neither the finances in the marriage or the working wives status that affected the relationship, the stereotypical perspectives of the male being the bread-earner in the marriage put a huge toll in the stability of the marriage and the relationship.


5. Disrespecting your partner

Renowned psychologist John Gottman, has suggested certain relationship behaviors as the “four horsemen of the apocalypse”. As the term suggests, these four horsemen are the four main reasons leading to divorce:

  1. Contempt: When you start disrespecting your spouse and see him/her beneath you, it may trigger various disturbing issues in your relationship.
  2. Criticism: A lot of people cannot handle criticism, which can affect behavioral characters.
  3. Defensiveness: Playing the victim in almost every situation will only intensify the problems.
  4. Stonewalling: Communication is the key to most successful relationships. Blocking off the conversations can cause barriers to healthy relationships.



6. Stressing it out

Stress takes a huge toll on not just lifestyle, but relationships as well. Day-to-day activities can influence our behavior on so many levels that may positively or negatively transform our human psychology. Office troubles, health issues, personal stress and change in lifestyle can lead to tension between the spouses. Furthermore, these issues can foster larger problems including extra-marital affairs, depression and domestic violence that can have devastating effects on the marriage.



7. Illustrating you marriage negatively

In a social environment, sometimes it becomes rather important to use your words precisely. When partners talk foul about the bond that they share or highlight the troubles in their marriages, the analysis suggests that they may be heading towards parting ways. It becomes evident with the way they talk, that they are not happy in the marriage and would rather divorce than live and suffer with each other.



8. Avoiding conversations

Ignoring or avoiding a conversation with your partner when they initiate a conversation can pose some serious relationship issues. Communication can help resolve the crisis in every way possible. Studies predict that withdrawal from a conversation can constitute to higher divorce rates. Happy marriages are affected when the couple starts entering into a relationship where one partner is pressurizing the other to talk and the other is silencing the discussion. Individual psychological behaviors can help in understating the stigmatic relationship and cause of the problems.



9. Substance Abuse

Excessive drinking and/or drug abuse can undoubtedly create complications in the marital bond. It affects the relationship on certain common levels, such as communication, understanding, trust and respect. There have been incidents where the marriage ended up in divorce because one of the partners was an alcoholic or druggist. You may not need scientific researches to prove the fact that alcohol and/or drugs can be root problems to any failed marriage.




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