9 Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 3:21 pm

Some consider drinking too much beer a vice, and some simply don’t care. When taken in prescribed amount, this wonder drink can actually have plenty of health benefits, especially for the male strata of our society. Latest research proves that beer helps ward off diabetes and reduces the risk of broken bones. Just one 12-ounce drink per day adds up to (helps to gain) 150 calories in your body. It is advisable for woman’s to have a 12-ounce drink of this alcoholic beverage and 24-ounce for men, daily. Beer increases person’s creativity and longevity during working hours. This awesome drink is extremely popular in European subcontinent, widely used to improve human skin. So, indulge yourself in celebrations, get some reasons ready to cheer about your next bottle of beer and continue reading to know more cool facts.

9. Healthy Bones

If you rarely get chance to absorb Vitamin D from the sun, beer will definitely act as a savior for you. This light alcoholic beverage contains high levels of silicon, which are responsible for a drinker’s high bone density. There are more than 100 types of beer available in market which can help strengthen your calcium consistency in the bones.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

8. Trims Chances Of Heart Attack

Consuming around 5 percent alcohol by drink volume helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart-related diseases. A study by Italian researchers found that moderate beer drinkers are less likely to develop risk of severe heart diseases as compared to their counterparts (non-drinkers). They confirmed that beer drinkers had a 42 percent lower risk of heart problems. So, a beer can be just more than a drink i.e. a heart healthy beverage.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

7. Boosts Creativity

According a study published in the journal ‘Consciousness and Cognition’, beer plays an important role to boost a person’s creativity. During the study, beer-buzzed guys were faster than their sober counterparts in completing verbal puzzles (word scramble). So, next time when you think of defeating other group members in a contest, go ahead with a drink of this wonderful brew.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

6. Kind Kidneys

A bottle of beer daily helps lower the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent, a Finnish study suggests. The hops in beer prevent leeching of calcium bones. Thus, beer not only helps to keep the water content inside your kidneys (better hydrated organs) balanced, but also curbs chances of developing kidney stones.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

5. Perfect Food Harmony

What can be better than having a burger with a bottle of beer and accompanying your beloved friends? This natural pair makes the fantastic meal option within no time. The moment you finish preparing a food item, chilled bottles of beer can find their place on your dining table. This quintessential beverage also helps in quick digestion of spicy food.

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Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

4. Improved Blood Circulation

A Bottle of beer a day can make you look younger and smarter. Male drinkers also reported less cognitive impairment and improvement in their cognitive functions compared to ones who abstained from this beverage. Another research indicates improved level of blood circulation as high blood circulation guards the brain tissues against developing any critical disease.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

3. Heavily Nutritious

Beer contains many antioxidants and more nutrition’s as compared to other alcohol products like the ‘red wine’. Beer has higher amounts of protein and vitamin B minerals in it. The presence of iron, phosphates and fiber makes it a perfect candidate for being called as a health drink or healthy food supplement instead of pure alcohol drink.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

2. Silky Hair

The presence of malt in a beer helps in nourishing and smoothening of person’s hair. While malt provides silky look to them, yeast strengthens your strands, smoothen your head skin and boosts hair volume. The higher hair volume results in a celebrity like look to your personality while getting rid of frizzy hair.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men

1. Improves Sense Of Humor

Beer drinkers find themselves more attractive and much confident during debates or speeches. Imbibed people gave more positive ratings to themselves during the process of personality evaluation or when asked for. So, this brew helps to gain instant confidence levels, if anyone feels nervous during corporate events or functions, some beer can seriously help.

Reasons Why Beer Is Healthy For Men