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9 Facts That Suggest Indian Army May Be Better Than That Of The Big Boss United States

Updated on 19 January, 2018 at 3:15 pm By

Promises are made to be kept if it’s by an Indian Soldier… like the one by Kargil War Hero and martyr PVC Capt. Vikram Batra – With a history that is based on great sacrifices and several acts of valor, the world takes Indian capabilities seriously. If you are set on joining the military or are on the fence, here we provide information on why the Indian Army sets itself apart from various other corps. Indian Army professionals are trained to live by chance, kill by profession and love by choice. Here are some facts why Indian Army is more competent than their US counterparts.

9. Pre-Independence Foundations


The Britishers built the Indian Army that was recognized as one of the best in the world at the time of pre-independence. They equipped Royal Indian Army with state-of-the-art material to tackle war like situations. Britishers provided excellent tactical support by establishing several military training institutions for making of a warrior. Winning 30 Victoria crosses during WW-II speaks the rest story about Indian Army.

Pre-Independence Foundations

8. The 1971 war

All that pride and experience, which prevailed before independence, was passed on to the independent Indian Army. Hard defeat to Pakistan Army in 1971 is the jewel of the Indian Army. The Blitzkrieg attack by Indian Army on Pak Army could not be bettered by any other force of this world. Pak Army was not only forcefully trying to destroy democratic mandate in Bangladesh (that time East Pakistan), but also bombarded some Indian sectors. Under the charismatic leadership of Army Chief Sam Manekshaw, Indian Army liberated the entire country in just 13 days and about 90,000 Pak soldiers were kept as hostages. They were only released after meeting an agreement in Shimla in the year 1972.

The 1971 war

7. Modern Equipments

Compared to Western equipments and radar technology, much of the Indian Army’s equipments are not of very front rank. But Indian Army is pacing its speed to deal with the issues of modernizing all its equipments by signing international weapon deals for purchasing howitzer guns, protective shields and light machine guns. Also the decision to purchase 126 Rafale fighters is also going to support Indian Army deployed on ground missions. Advance infrastructure will help in bridging the gap between man and machine. Indian Army is also taking initiative to improve maneuvering and reconnaissance capabilities of the Army Aviation Corps by collaborating with Institutions such as ISRO, DRDO, HAL etc.

Modern Equipments

6. Improved Warfare Tactics


The performance of Indian armed forces especially in ‘Cope India’ series of exercise compelled the US Air Force to admit that Indian capabilities and tactics are far superior to them. We are the first country in world to launch supersonic cruise missile ‘BrahMos’ and a hypersonic version under development in collaboration of Russia. Induction of 4th generation twin-engine fighter jets like Sukhoi Su-30MKI along with Astra (first indigenous BVR (beyond-visual-range) air-to-air missile), we now have the capacity to strike deep and hit the enemy hard. The incorporation of highly powerful home built Arjun tanks into Indian Army tries to tell another tale.

Improved Warfare Tactics

5. Gold Medal in Olympics for Patrol

Indian Army’s regiment 9 Gorkha rifles won the gold medal in the annual Cambrian Patrol Competition at Wales in 2011. With this, Indian Army emerged as the best patrolling force in the world. This international competition is also known as the Olympics of Patrolling, being conducted for last 40 years. Here, Indian Army defeated 100 teams, including 14 teams from national armies of foreign countries. That’s a moment of pride for us!

 Gold Medal in Olympics for Patrol

4. A Group of Special Forces

Indian Army has world’s topmost elite forces that keep it in enigmatic position and ready to tackle counter-insurgency operations 24×7. Elite forces such as Force One, Special Protection Group, Cobra, 9 Para Commando, Special frontier Force and National Security Guard draws number of soldiers from Indian Army to deploy them in counter-terrorist operations. Apart from that, the Indian Army has played memorable role in rescuing thousands of lives during Uttarakhand floods (2013) and saved national as well as foreign citizens during 9/11 Mumbai attacks in 2008. We rarely encounter this spirit to serve people and save humanity against any sort of threats.

A Group of Special Forces

3. Indian Army Ruling The roost

We hold the winning position on world’s highest ground battle field, situated at Siachen Glacier. Our paracommandos are expert in HAHO (High-altitude, high-opening) as well as HALO (High-altitude, low-opening) parachute jumping and high altitude mountain warfare. We are proud of our Armymen who bravely fought during operation Meghdoot (Siachen conflict of 1984) and secured national boundaries at the temperature of -60 F. Indian Army also specializes in Jungle warfare and Guerrilla tactics.

Indian Army Ruling The roost

2. Contributor TO UN Missions

Indian Army has contributed in numerous peacekeeping missions of the United Nations. Indian Peace Keeping Forces served sick and wounded during Korean War. The brave soldiers of Indian Army have served in 22 countries; few of them are Sri Lanka, Congo, Cambodia and Somalia. When in action the Indian Army elite 9 Para commando troops promise the nation: IF DEATH STRIKES MY WAY BEFORE I PROVE MY BLOOD, I SWEAR I WILL KILL MY DEATH, We have never seen such sort of enthusiasm and commitment in other national armies.

Contributor TO UN Missions

1. One of the Only Three In World

Indian Army has a horsed cavalry regiment, which is the one among the last 3 such regiments in the world.


One of the Only Three In World


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