9 Of The Most Colourful Characters In Hindi Films

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Hindi films are all about colour and fun and how we love them that way don’t we? Be it the sets, the clothes, the actors or even the characters that they play – all are truly colourful. A serious film at times is a good watch, but we always want our share of fun and entertainment which our big Bolly films give us in abundance. Similarly, the characters draw maximum attention when really a riot, and more so a riot of colours. Here is a list of the most colourful and lovable characters from Hindi films who’ve grabbed our attention:

9. Basanti in Sholay

Basanti could go on talking non-stop for hours without tiring. But we never complained. Her innocent banter caught the attention of the handsome Veeru and the audience too soon and we always wanted her to go on chirping. Basanti is a true blue colourful character who swayed us with her lovable nature and sweet talk. And remember you cannot even for a moment stop her by asking ‘Tumhara naam kya hai, Basanti?’

Basanti in Sholay

8. Geet in Jab We Met


This ‘Sikhni from Bhatinda’ could make us roll out with laughter whenever she entered any scene. The film had a fresh, fun and feel-good vibe to it which was enhanced because of the character of Geet. Remember – ‘Main apni favourite hoon’? All of us loved the way she walked, spoke, ran away, smiled, cried and loved. And most of all – she was Fun with a capital F.

Geet in Jab We Met

7. Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg

Robinhood Pandey is someone none of us could stop from adoring. The way he fought with the goons, wooed his lady-love and revenged the death of his mother, all of them spoke about the colourful person inside the man. All Salman Khan characters are more or less colourful, for example Prem (Maine Pyaar Kiya) and Prem (Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam) to name a few. But to have an attitude like that takes a lot of guts and how we love it. The name screamed out fun and also his own way of interpreting it: ‘Mera naam mera personality ke upar bahut jachta hain… Chulbul Pandey.’

Chulbul Pandey in Dabangg

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6. Monty in Life in a… Metro

Many of us remember Life in a… Metro because of Konkona Sen Sharma and Irfaan Khan. The most exciting and ROFL moments are the ones with the two. Monty was a total contrast with Konkona’s Character – he would look at women salaciously, help her drive out her anxiety and could even follow her on the Mumbai streets atop a horse – now, beat that! I could watch him for hours on end. A man who can chase his dreams – is colourful.

Monty in Life in a... Metro

5. Vijaylakshmi in Queen

Vijaylakshmi had a father who was an Indian from Goa, a Spanish mother, a son from an estranged boyfriend, was a waitress in a hotel in France and simply lived her life on her own terms. What else does one need to be a colourful character? She teaches us to live without being judgemental. No wonder we missed her in the second half of the film. You need people like her to bring out the person in you.

Vijaylakshmi in Queen

4. Munna in Rangeela

Aamir Khan as Munna in this Ram Gopal Verma classic was the actual Munna bhai. Having the diction of a typical Mumbai mawali he made us go on a laugh riot with dialogues like: Tu picture dekhne gaya tha ya pair? With action and romance Aamir’s ultra-colourful Munna made us laugh, till now.

Munna in Rangeela

3. Munna Bhai in the Munna Bhai series

Now this one is a truly colourful character. A Mumbai underworld bhai who becomes a doctor by chance and changes the way patients are treated – a lovely character indeed. How we loved his jadoo ki jhappis. An underworld bhai with a heart – is all it takes to be a colourful character in a hindi movie, well sometimes.

Munna Bhai in the Munna Bhai series

2. Baburao Ganpat Rao Apte in the Hera Pheri films

All he wants is the tank in his house to be filled with alcohol so that he could have it anytime he turned the tap. Paresh Rawals’s character in these movies has become iconic as the good-natured Marathi who wants to have his share of fun but can’t go overboard with it. The way he carries himself makes us go berserk with laughter and indeed makes him one of the most colourful characters.

Baburao Ganpat Rao Apte

1. Masterji, (the name by which Kishore Kumar’s character was called) in Padosan

This is a classic case of a real life colourful man meeting a reel life colourful man – Kishore Kumar and his charcater in Padosan. He had a theater group and was eminent in singing and lend his voice many a times to that of Sunil Dutt. His welfare programs made us laugh a great deal and love him all the more. Remember the way when he reacts at the end of the song Kehna hai…?



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